I'm just going to post pictures of ice cream sandwiches for a while.

Formula:Almond Shortbread


salted butter110g
light brown sugar55g
all purpose flour125g
almond meal40g
white sugarto coat
  • mix butter and brown sugar until blended
  • add flour and almond meal, mix until ball forms
  • roll into 3-4cm log, cover in plastic wrap, freeze 30 min
  • cut into 8-10mm slices, coat in white sugar, arrange 1-2 cm apart on on cookie sheet topped with parchment
  • bake at 350 F for 19 min or until edges brown
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Formula:Corn Muffins


cornmeal220g1.25 C
all purpose flour100g0.75 C
white sugar45g1/4 C
baking powder10g1 tbsp
salt1/4 tsp
melted butter55g4 Tbsp
milk220g1 C
ancho chile powder~10g1 tbsp
jack cheese, 3/4" cubes12
  • mix dry ingredients, mix egg and milk and stir into dry, stir in butter
  • scoop into muffin tin, placing jack cheese cube in center (not bottom)
  • bake at 400 F for approx 14-18 min or until edges brown
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